Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I run to you

What is it about guys that ignore and treat girls, ladies, and women like crap? More importantly WHY do I always seem to be interested in them?? Does that even make sense?? I sure hope not. Anyways I was talking to a friend who let me in on a little secret, he said all a guy has to do is ignore a girl, and she will be crazy for him. Immediately I dismissed his little insight on women until it got me thinking. I think {scared to admit it} he's right.

I feel like I can count several missed opportunities on my part, because I was too busy obsessing over a guy who was either a dick or really wanted nothing to do with me. It's almost like I am drawn to the guys that drive me crazy, I am used to the feeling of insanity. What I really need is for a nice guy to come along, shake me, and tell me "Nice guys are the best" or something along those corny lines.

I am done with guys who don't have time for me! WOO

Such a random ramble I know {I did just rent he's just not that into you}

anyoo I leave you with a song that I have literally had in my head for days...I catch myself singing it all the time!

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