Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"your life is so random" {a good friend of mine talking about my life}

I know I know, I have really been slacking lately when it comes to blogging. I signed on today with my intentions of sharing the adventures of kitty (myself), because sometimes I think my life would make a pretty funny reality show.

For example, last Friday I went to pick up a new pair of glasses, I got lost trying to find the high way when I realized my gas light was on. By the time I found a gas station I was pretty much all out of gas and all I had on me was my bank card. I saw a sign that they accepted Visa, so I was in the clear. I asked for five dollars regular, and the man who barely spoke english complied. Once he was done pumping the gas I handed him my card, he then began shaking hid head and tried explaining that there was a fifteen dollar minimum for cards and that It's ok, he would just put ten more dollars of gas in. Embarrassed, I tried explaining that that wasn't possible, since I only had seven dollars in my account, and that I would be getting paid the next morning. Lets just say he was not happy, and I had no cash on me. He told me to wait while he continued to help the rest of the customers. I felt foolish just sitting there, I started to become paranoid as I noticed other customers shooting me glances through their windows. After what felt like an eternity {but really was like fifteen minutes} he told me I was free to go. Free to go? Just like that? Why the hell did he make me sit and suffer? Did he know I would over think the situation and stress myself out by being paranoid? WHAT? Unsure of what really just happened I pulled out of the privately owned gas station in search for the highway. About thirty seconds into driving down the road, I see a sign for the highway {finally} and a mobil gas station {where it is totally acceptable to put five dollars of gas on a debit card} fml.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a ramble of an update :)

Wow I have no been on here in a while! I have seriously been sooo busy ever since spring break... Soo here is a quick update. After Spring break and midterms I basically was just keeping up with my homework and working. I did see Lady Gaga {I had an asthma attack while watching the concert squished in the third row}.... I didn't have my inhaler on my obvi, so after I caught my breath I spent the remainder of the concert safe on a balcony with dangaa.

And then this past weekend was my schools spring dance, Senate Banquet. It was a lot of fun! We danced the night away all dressed up and did our best to dodge the vom on the dance floor from all the silly little freshman. After the dance our on campus bar was offering free food! I ate a hot dog {so not classy} aaaand of course spilled ketchup all over my new purple dress.....{shouldn't have had the dog}.

Tomorrow I am heading back out to school for a girls night out before Easter weekend! I think I might even stop after work and get a new shirt.... because I just feel like a new shirt is needed for this long awaited girls night out dancing!

I know I mentioned a while back that I wanted to start the Twilight books. Well I am now on book number three and I have become one of those girls who are madly in love with Edward. I have a hard time putting the book down! It's truly making me crazy haha

Here is a beautiful dance that I had seen a while back on so you think you can dance. It is absolutely amazing, but when I look back at it now, it makes me think of Edward and Bella... read the books and you will know exactly what I mean. {I warned you, Twilight is taking over my life}