Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Camp orientation was last weekend and luckily it took place on the one sunny day we have had in weeks. I feel like its the official start to summer! I also have a lot of plans coming up which I am super pumped about! A few things to keep my mind off of other things :)... Right now I am actually on my way to the midnight showing of Transformers!! WOOO {total nerd, and I LOVE IT}

Soo yeaaa sun please come out... I miss you.... and I miss wearing my sunglasses that make me look like a bug... I miss driving will all my windows down with usic blaring...running barefoot outside {without having to worry about all the mud and puddles}... I EVEN miss the smell of sunscreen. Hopefully with camp will come sunshine and weekends at Cape Cod :)

here's a good song :)

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